Experience the real cannabis production process with a fully automated assembly line.

Become a weed plantation owner, with each NFT providing you a steady stream of $WT (Weed Tokens).

Each NFT possesses unique attributes that directly impact the token output efficiency.

Become a processing plant owner. Production NFTs will start processing Weed and generate $CT (Cannabis Tokens).

Crop-stealing on weed farm

Friends stealing crops from each other, earning profits or suffering losses.More interesting social gameplay is currently under development.

Lucky Wheel

Players can use $WT to participate in the lucky draw, with a chance to win various items and tokens.

2023 Q1

- Game Concept Development- Tokenomics refinement

2023 Q2

- Art Style Research- Core Gameplay Design

2023 Q3

- Game beta version development- Community NFT airdrop- NFT marketplace launch

2023 Q4

- Game Launch- Implement token liquidity

2024 Q1

- Player community features- Building homes on the world cannabis map